Queen Mary Representation and Group Theory Study Group

The School of Mathematical Sciences is undertaking a major refurbishment programme that will radically change the design to our building both externally and internally. During the reconstruction, we regret that access to the building will be limited. If this could impact upon your intention to attend a seminar, please contact Bill White on 0207 882 5514 or e-mail w.white aT qmul dOt ac doT uk to discuss your particular requirements.

This term, the Representation and Group Theory Study Group is being held on Tuesdays at 4:20 pm – 5:15 pm (approximately), in Room 203 (of Maths). We will be studying the Cohomology of Finite Groups. Charles Leedham-Green will (still) be giving the said seminars. The seminars recommence on 19th January 2010.

This term we are studying sporadic simple groups and related topics, such as exceptional actions of classical groups.

Last term we studied profinite groups, the Nottingham (Johnson–York) group, and Rachel Camina's Theorem.
Charles Leedham-Green gave the talks.

Other topics we might cover this year include (in no particular order):

Current members of the group include:

This term (or year) we are studying “Reflection Groups and Coxeter Groups” by James E. Humphreys. The speakers so far (for Michaelmas and Lent 2007) have been. Christmas break. The programme for Lent and Easter 2007 was as follows. Easter break. Special seminar, joint with the Pure Mathematics Seminar.

24th July 2007: Eamonn A. O’Brien (Auckland) —Two problems on linear groups.
To be held at 4:00pm in Room 103.

The programme for last term was quite simple. The programme for previous years is available here.
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