Dr. Juan A. Valiente Kroon


Mathematical problems of General Relativity (London Taught Course Centre, London Mathematical Society). This is an advanced course on General Relativity aimed at PhD students. It provides an introduction to the Cauchy problem in General Relativity, a topic which is the cornerstone of the research area generally known as mathematical Relativity. Topics covered include the 3+1 decomposition of spacetime, hyperbolic reductions using wave coordinates, the ADM evolution equations, the constraint equations and the static Einstein field equations.

More details can be found in the homepage of the course.
Minicourses. In recent years I have taught minicourses on the use of conformal methods in the global analysis of spacetimes (2011, Centre of Mathematical Research, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal) and about the construction of anti de Sitter-like spacetimes by means of the conformal Einstein field equations (2013, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing).

The subject of these courses forms part of the content of the book Conformal Methods in General Relativity which I am currently writing (due date, October 2015).

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