Mathematical Problems of General Relativity

(LTCC graduate course)

The course takes place on the 30th September, 8th, 14th and 28th October from 13:10 to 15:40. The lectures will take place at the London Mathematical Society headquarter, De Morgan House, Russell Square expect for the lectures on the 8th October which will take place at the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary (room 410). The purpose of the course is to provide an exposition of the basic ideas of the initial value problem in General Relativity.


Course details can be found here



               Slides from Lecture 1 (30th September, 2013)

               Slides from Lecture 2 (8th October 2013)

               Slides from Lecture 3 (14th October 2013)

               Slides from Lecture 4 (28th October 2013)



Notes of the lectures so far can be found here (last updated on 28th October 2013).


Problem sheets:

               Problem sheet 1

               Problem sheet 2

               Problem sheet 3

               Problem sheet 4


Assessment problems to be sent by email by the 11th November, 2013.



Supplementary material:

               A review of the basic ideas of modern Differential Geometry. These notes contain much more material than what is required for the course. Also, notice that some of the notation and conventions are different to those used in the course.