Convergence and Continuity

In-term test:
sample (pdf) sample (ps)

Examinable material:
Class notes, phrase-book, cworks 1-5, and web-book
(chapters 1-4 inclusive, plus pages 55-57 of chapter 6).

Format and marking scheme:
A 45-minute, multiple-choice exam, with 10 questions;
each correct answer is worth 10 marks.

Attempt all questions: record each answer by ticking the corresponding box in the answer form.
Calculators are NOT permitted.

Final examination:
Examinable material:
Phrase-book: all
Class notes: all
Web book: chapters 1-9 inclusive, excluding exercises 7.8 and 7.9;
chapter 10 is excluded; chapter 11, sections 1-5 only.

2 hrs.

Grade boundaries:
Standard QM Maths.

Attempt all questions.
Marks awarded are shown next to the questions.
Calculators are NOT permitted.

Key objectives: