Convergence and Continuity


cwork box: green, ground floor maths bldng


  1. You must submit all coursework. Requests for exemption must be submitted by your advisor at the earliest opportunity.
  2. To be accepted, the cwork must
  3. Cwork which is not accepted counts as not submitted.
    Cwork submitted after the deadline, but before 12:00pm the same day, is accepted and given a mark of 0.
    There are no extensions of deadlines.
  4. Cwork marks are posted on this site; marked scripts are returned only during the first exercise classes after the deadline.
  5. Marking queries must be submitted in writing to the lecturer, with the marked script and within one week of the script being returned.
  6. Model solutions -if given- are given in class, and in class only.

I assume that: