The course will start with a reception at about 7:30 pm for 8:00 pm on the evening of Sunday 21 July, preceded by an evening meal for anyone who wants to arrive earlier, and finish by about 12:30 pm on Friday 26 July, followed by lunch for anyone who wants to leave later. You will be provided with a pen, notepad and printed copies of the key documents listed above.

The visit this year will be to the National Codes Centre at Bletchley Park.


I advise you to check the Transport for London website if you plan to use public transport within London to get to Queen Mary.

Joining instructions and participants list

If you have been accepted for the course then you should receive a welcome email including full joining instructions by early July. You can access a list of participants, with email addresses, by appending "participants" to the URL for this page (without the quotes and after a slash). I don't provide a direct link to preserve privacy.


Presentations will appear here as they become available. (It is entirely optional whether and when you look at any of them.) The links below all open in a new window or tab.





  • More statistics [PDF] – Heiko Grossmann
  • Chaos [PDF] – Franco Vivaldi

Other resources

Theorem of the Day is a web-based 'art gallery' of mathematical theorems maintained by Robin Whitty in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary. It won the 2013 Queen Mary Lucy Hawking Award for best public engagement resource.

The Free Maple Player allows you to read Maple files but not edit or execute them. It provides an alternative to reading the PDF versions of the files on this site, except that hyperlinks work much better in Maple Player.