The course will start with a reception at about 7:30 pm on the evening of Sunday 17 July, preceded by an evening meal for anyone who wants to arrive earlier, and finish by about 12:30 pm on Friday 22 July, followed by lunch for anyone who wants to leave later.

A visit to Bletchley Park will not be possible this year and instead we will visit the London Science Museum.

Joining instructions and participants list

If you have been accepted for the course then you should receive a welcome letter including full joining instructions by email before the end of June. You can access a list of participants, with email addresses, by appending "participants" to the URL for this page (without the quotes and after a slash). I don't provide a direct link to preserve privacy.


Presentations will appear here as they become available. (It is entirely optional whether and when you look at any of them.) The links below all open in a new window or tab.


  • Computing in mathematics [Maple, PDF] – Francis Wright
  • Latin squares [PDF] – Leonard Soicher
  • Eigenvalues & eigenvectors [PDF] – Hugo Touchette
  • Symbolic computing workshop [Maple, PDF] – Francis Wright
  • Numerical computing workshop – David Burgess
  • Mind the gap [PDF] – Vivien Easson


  • Chaos [PDF] – Franco Vivaldi
  • Rigidity of frameworks [PDF] – Bill Jackson
  • Cryptography – Peter Keevash
  • Questionnaire design [plain text] – Donald Preece


  • How to balance [PDF] – Wolfram Just
  • Introduction to statistics [PPT, PDF, Plus article] – Ben Parker
  • Medical statistics [PPT, PDF] – Joan Morris
  • Folding fractals [PDF] – Wolfram Just
  • Transport modelling [PDF] – Rosemary Harris