The course will begin on the evening of Sunday 19th July and end after lunch on Friday 24th July. If you have been accepted on the course then you should have received joining instructions around mid June. (You can also access a copy of the joining letter by appending "joining" to the URL for this page; I don't want to link to it because it contains "live" email addresses.) Further guidance is provided in the documents listed above.


Presentations will appear here as they become available and will remain available here until at least the end of this calendar year. (It is entirely optional whether and when you look at any of them.) Each link opens in a new window as a PDF file unless a different file type is indicated. (There may also be other files, typically the source files from which the PDF files were generated, in the directory that contains the file that the link refers to.)






There is a list of participants, with email addresses, at

<this page>/participants

i.e. append "participants" (but without the quotes) to the address of this page, after the slash. I have not linked to it in order to preserve our privacy.