This is a Science for Society Course sponsored by The Goldsmiths' Company, which ran for the first time in 2008. The course director is Dr Francis Wright and the course will be taught by Queen Mary academic staff, who will each focus on their own research and/or teaching interests. The course will be aimed at teachers of A-level mathematics and other secondary school teachers who have studied mathematics to at least A-level.

It is a 5-day residential course held on the Queen Mary Mile End campus, which begins on the evening of Sunday 20th July and ends after lunch on Friday 25th July. Accommodation is in the new Queen Mary student village and the course is taught in rooms in the Queens' Building [1 on the campus map] and the Mathematics Building [30 on the campus map].

We provide pens and paper, but please bring a scientific calculator if you have one; you may find it useful occasionally.

Participants are advised to travel by public transport because there is no parking on campus and parking off campus is not recommended. An evening meal is available on campus on the Sunday, and the course begins later on Sunday evening with a reception in the SCR in the Queens' Building.


Presentations will appear here as they become available and will remain available here until at least the end of December 2008. Each link opens in a new window. (It is entirely optional whether and when you look at any of it.)


Here are some photographs from the course, kindly contributed by the following participants. Each link opens in a new window.


There is a list of participants, with email addresses, at

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