Alex Fink

I am a Lecturer in Pure Mathematics in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London.

Office: B53, Mathematics Building, Mile End campus (number 4 on this map)
Telephone: 020 7882 5520

Office hours: see my entry on the School's pages. Or email for an appointment.

Here is my CV.

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Teaching and tutoring

In Semester B, I am teaching MTH4104, Introduction to Algebra.

I am also running two tutorials for MTH5103, Complex Variables:


I am the Communications Coordinator for the School of Mathematics, responsible for gathering news of academic relevance for the Maths website and School newsletter among other fora. Please let me know if you have noteworthy publications, public appearances, new collaborations, long-term visitors whom others might want to talk to, …


I am organising the Queen Mary algebra seminar this semester. (Last semester the organiser was Matt Fayers.)

FPSAC will be held at Queen Mary in 2017.


I have one current PhD student:

I have also hired a postdoctoral research assistant, to work on problems including parameter spaces of varieties and tropical scheme theory, who will begin in July 2015.


I belong to Queen Mary's algebra, combinatorics, and geometry and analysis research groups.

My research interests are principally in algebraic combinatorics, especially where commutative algebra or algebraic geometry apply; matroid theory and tropical geometry have been recent themes. I have been awarded EPSRC grant EP/M01245X/1 Algebra and geometry of matroids, to commence in the fall of 2015.

Here is a research statement from a couple years ago.

Publications (and talk slides)

Journal articles, conference papers, preprints
Doctoral thesis
My thesis was titled Matroid polytope subdivisions and valuations. Aside from an introduction all its content appears in the papers above.

Expository writing, manuscripts