Dudley Stark

I am a Reader in Mathematics and Probability in the School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary, University of London.

I teach this module:

MTH 6136, Statistical Theory

My office is CB201 in the Queens' Building (near IT services).
My office phone number is 020 7882 5487.
E-mail: D.S.Stark@qmul.ac.uk
Office Hours: Please email me for an appointment.

My research is in rates of convergence, approximations and asymptotics in probability and combinatorics. Methods include coupling, Poisson approximation, and asymptotic enumerations, while applications include random combinatorial objects, probabilistic number theory, and rate of convergence of Markov chains. Here is a list of my publications/preprints and my c.v. in pdf format.

Students may be interested in this website on careers in math, this +plus magazine , chalkdustmagazine, or the job adverts for mathematicians at Luchsinger Mathematics .

Here is another picture of me.


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