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The talks are held at 1630 in the Mathematics Seminar Room (103) on Level 1 of the Mathematics Building, Queen Mary, University of London. Tea and coffee are available in the Mathematics Common Room (102) from 1500.

The nearest underground station is Stepney Green. Turn left at the exit and walk 400 yards.

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
11 October 2007 C. L. Wright University of Warwick Quick construction of resolvable row-column designs
25 October 2007 H. Maruri-Aguilar London School of Economics Algebraic techniques in design of experiments
1 November 2007 P. Goos University of Antwerp D-optimal design of split-split-plot experiments
8 November 2007 Joint meeting with the Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute, in Southampton
1515 P. van de Ven University of Southampton On the equivalence of definitions for regular fractions of mixed-level factorial designs
1645 S. G. Gilmour Queen Mary A general criterion for factorial designs under model uncertainty
15 November 2007 D. Ashby Queen Mary Bayesian statistics in medicine: A 25-year review
6 December 2007 L. I. Pettit Queen Mary Methods for detecting influential observations when using the Box-Cox transformation
Tuesday 11 December 2007 in Laws G4 W. F. Rosenberger George Mason University Sequential monitoring of randomisation tests

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