Preprints and Publications 2001-2018 --- Christian Beck

Preprints and Publications 2018

  • J. Weber, M. Reyers, C. Beck, M. Timme, J.G. Pinto, D. Witthaut, B. Schaefer, Wind power persistence is governed by superstatistics, arXiv:1810.06391

  • J. Yan, C. Beck, Nonlinear Dynamics of Coupled Axion-Josephson Junction Systems, arXiv:1808.09417

  • G. Williams and C. Beck, Stochastic differential equations driven by deterministic chaotic maps: Analytic solutions of the Perron-Frobenius equation, Nonlinearity 31, 3484 (2018) [arXiv:1805.01537]

  • R. Martyr, B. Schaefer, C. Beck, and V. Latora, Benchmarking the performance of controllers for power grid transient stability, arXiv:1802.06647

  • B. Schaefer, C. Beck, K. Aihara, D. Witthaut, and M. Timme, Non-Gaussian power grid frequency fluctuations characterized by Levy-stable laws and superstatistics, Nature Energy 3, 119-126 (2018)

  • P. Jizba, J. Korbel, H. Lavicka, M. Proks, V. Svoboda, and C. Beck, Transitions between superstatistical regimes: Validity, breakdown and applications, Physica A 493, 29 (2018)

  • G.C. Yalcin and C. Beck, Generalized statistical mechanics of cosmic rays: Application to positron-electron spectral indices, Scientific Reports 8, 1764 (2018)

  • R. Martyr, J. Moriarty, and C. Beck, Optimal control of a commercial building's thermostatic load for off-peak demand response, to appear in J. Build. Perform. Sim. (2018) [arXiv:1806.01689]

    Publications 2017

  • C. Beck, Possible resonance effect of dark matter axions in SNS Josephson junctions, Proc. of Science (EPS-HEP2017)058 (2017) [arXiv:1710.04299]

  • D. Xu and C. Beck, Symbolic dynamics techniques for complex systems: Application to share price dynamics, EPL 118, 30001 (2017)

  • C. Beck and E.G.D. Cohen, Superstatistics: Superposition of Maxwell-Boltzmann distributions, in G. Livadiotis (ed.): Kappa Distributions: Theory and Applications (Elsevier 2017)

    Publications 2016

  • C. Beck, Cosmological flux noise and measured noise power spectra in SQUIDs, Scientific Reports 6, 28275 (2016)

  • C. Penrose and C. Beck, Superstatistics of Blaschke products, Dynamical Systems 31, 89-105 (2016)

  • C. Yalcin, P. Rabassa, and C. Beck, Extreme event statistics of daily rainfall: Dynamical systems approach, arXiv:1508.03700, J.Phys.A: Math. Theor. 49, 154001 (2016)

  • Dan Xu, C. Beck, Transitions from lognormal to chi-square superstatistics for financial time series, arXiv:1506.01660, Physica A 453, 173 (2016)

    Publications 2015

  • P. Rabassa, C. Beck, Superstatistical analysis of sealevel fluctuations, Physica A 417, 18 (2015)

  • G. Akram, C. Beck, Hierarchical cascade model leading to 7-th order initial value problem, Appl. Num. Math. 91, 89-97 (2015)

  • C. Beck, Axion mass estimates from resonant Josephson junctions, Physics Dark Universe 7-8, 6-11 (2015)

    Publications 2014

  • S. Miah, C. Beck, Lagrangian quantum turbulence model based on alternating superfluid/normal fluid stochastic dynamics, EPL 108, 40004 (2014)

  • S. Groote, H. Veermae, C. Beck, Renormalization aspects of chaotic strings, J.Phys.: Conf. Ser. 532, 012008 (2014)

  • P. Rabassa, C. Beck, Extreme value laws for superstatistics, Entropy 16, 5523 (2014)

    Publications 2013

  • Possible resonance effect of axionic dark matter in S/N/S Josephson junctions, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 231801 (2013)

  • N coupled non-local harmonic oscillators leading to 2N-th order initial value problem (with G. Akram), arXiv:1302.2482

  • Environmental Superstatistics (with G. Cigdem Yalcin), Physica A 392, 5431 (2013)

  • Fokker-Planck theory of superstatistics (with S. Abe and E.G.D. Cohen),
    PDF file arXiv:1208.1957

  • Renormalization group approach to chaotic strings (with S. Groote and H. Veermae),
    PDF file Chaos Solitons Fractals 53, 18 (2013)

  • Statistics of Lagrangian quantum turbulence (with S. Miah),
    PDF file Phys Rev. E 87, 031002(R) (2013)

    Publications 2012

  • Coupled intermittent maps modelling the statistics of genomic sequences: a network approach (with A. Provata),
    PDF file arXiv:1205.2249, Phys. Rev. E 86, 046101 (2012)

  • Currents in complex polymers: an example of superstatistics for short time series (with C. Yalcin),
    PDF file Phys. Lett. A 376, 2344 (2012)

  • Axion physics in a Josephson junction environment,
    PDF file Physica C 473, 21 (2012)

  • Statistical mechanics of the vacuum,
    PDF file Mod. Phys. Lett. B 26, 1250060 (2012)

  • Publications 2011

  • Skewed superstatistical distributions from a Langevin and Fokker-Planck approach (with E. Van der Straeten),
    PDF file Chin. Science Bull. 56 (No 34), 3633 (2011)

  • Testing axion physics in a Josephson junction environment,
    PDF file Mod. Phys. Lett. A 26, 2841 (2011)

  • Multifractal information production of the human genome (with A. Provata),
    PDF file Europhys. Lett. 95, 58002 (2011)

  • Multifractal analysis of nonhyperbolic coupled map lattices: Application to genomic sequences (with A. Provata),
    PDF file Phys. Rev. E 83, 066210 (2011)

  • Generalized statistical mechanics for superstatistical systems,
    PDF file , Phil. Trans. Royal Soc. 369, 453 (2011)

  • Dynamical modelling of superstatistical complex systems (with E. Van der Straeten),
    PDF file Physica A 390, 951 (2011)

    Publications 2010

  • Discrete symmetries of chaotic strings (with M. Schaefer),
    PDF file ,
    Dynamical Systems 25, 253 (2010)

  • The dark energy scale in superconductors: Innovative theoretical and experimental concepts (with C.J. de Matos),
    PDF file, in `Dark Energy: Theory, Developments and Implications', p. 33-48, ed. K. Lefebvre and R. Garcia (Nova Publishers, New York) (2010)

    Publications 2009

  • Superstatistics in high energy physics: Application to cosmic ray energy spectra and e+e- annihilation,
    PDF file , Eur. Phys. J. A 40, 267 (2009)

  • Generalized information and entropy measures in physics,
    PDF file , Contemp. Phys. 50, 495-510 (2009)

  • Superstatistical fluctuations in time series: Application to share price dynamics and turbulence (with E. Van der Straeten),
    PDF file (arXiv: 0901.2271 []), Phys. Rev. E 80, 036108 (2009)

  • Axiomatic approach to the cosmological constant,
    PDF file , Physica A 388, 3384 (2009)

  • A closer look at time averages of the logistic map at the edge of chaos (with U. Tirnakli and C. Tsallis),
    PDF file , Phys. Rev. E 79, 056209 (2009)

  • Recent developments in superstatistics,
    PDF file ,
    Braz. J. Phys. 39, 357 (2009)

  • Possible measurable effects of dark energy in rotating superconductors (with C.J. de Matos),
    PDF file (arXiv:0707.1797 [gr-qc]), Adv. Astron. 931920 (2009)

  • Comment on `Proposed central limit behavior in deterministic dynamical systems' (with U. Tirnakli and C. Tsallis),
    PDF file (arXiv:0906.1262 [cond-mat.stat-mech])

    Publications 2008

  • Superstatistical distributions from a maximum entropy principle (with E. Van der Straeten),
    PDF file (arXiv: 0806.4332 [cond-mat]), Phys. Rev. E 78, 051101 (2008)

  • Chaotic quantization and the mass spectrum of fermions (with M. Maher),
    PDF file (arXiv: 0801.4720 [hep-th]), Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 37, 9 (2008)

  • A superstatistical model of metastasis and cancer survival (with L. Leon Chen),
    PDF file (arXiv: 0711.4687 []), Physica A 387, 3162 (2008)

  • Superstatistics: Theoretical concepts and physical applications
    PDF file (arXiv:0705.3832 [cond-mat]),
    in R. Klages et al. (eds.): Anomalous transport: Foundations and Applications, p. 433-457 (Wiley-VCH, 2008)

  • Electromagnetic dark energy (with M.C. Mackey)
    PDF file (astro-ph/0703364), Int. J. Mod. Phys. D 17, 71-80 (2008)

  • Complexity of chaotic fields and standard model parameters
    PDF file (hep-th/0702082), in:
    'The logic of nature, complexity and new physics: From quark-gluon plasma to superstrings, quantum gravity and beyond', ed. A. Zichichi, p. 1-37 (World Scientific, 2008)

    Publications 2007

  • Correlations in superstatistical systems,
    PDF file (arXiv: 0709.3938 [cond-mat]) AIP Conf. Proc. 965, 60 (2007)

  • Superstatistics, thermodynamics, and fluctuations (with S. Abe and E.G.D. Cohen)
    PDF file (arXiv:0705.0148 [cond-mat]), Phys. Rev. E 76, 031102 (2007)

  • Central limit behavior of deterministic dynamical systems (with U. Tirnakli and C. Tsallis)
    PDF file (cond-mat/0701622), Phys. Rev. E 75, 040106(R) (2007)

  • Modelling train delays with q-exponential functions (with K. Briggs)
    PDF file (physics/0611097), Physica A 378, 498 (2007)

  • Statistics of 3-dimensional Lagrangian turbulence
    PDF file (cond-mat/0606655), Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 064502 (2007)

  • Measurability of vacuum fluctuations and dark energy (with M.C. Mackey)
    PDF file (astro-ph/0605418), Physica A 379, 101 (2007)

  • Scaling properties of invariant densities of coupled Tchebyscheff maps (with S. Groote)
    PDF file (nlin.CD/0609052), Dyn. Systems 22, 219-248 (2007)

  • Zeropoint fluctuations and dark energy in Josephson junctions, (with M.C. Mackey)
    PDF file (astro-ph/0603067), Fluctuation and Noise Letters 7, C27 (2007)

    Publications 2006

  • Scaling behaviour of non-hyperbolic coupled map lattices (with S. Groote),
    PDF file (nlin.CD/0603397), Phys. Rev. E 74, 046216 (2006)

  • Nonconcave entropies in multifractals and the thermodynamic formalism (with H. Touchette),
    PDF file (cond-mat/0507379), J. Stat. Phys. 125, 455--471 (2006)

  • Laboratory tests on dark energy,
    PDF file (astro-ph/0512327), J.Phys. Conf. Ser. 31, 123 (2006)

  • Stretched exponentials from superstatistics,
    PDF file (cond-mat/0510841), Physica A 365, 96 (2006)

  • Superstatistical Brownian motion,
    PDF file (cond-mat/0508263), Progr. Theor. Phys. Suppl. 162, 29 (2006)

  • Dark energy, chaotic fields, and fundamental constants,
    PDF file (astro-ph/0502211), in: Frontiers of Fundamental Physics, eds. B.G. Sidharth, F. Honsell and A. de Angelis, p. 137--146, Springer, Berlin (2006)

  • Publications 2005

  • C. Beck, G. Benedek, A. Rapisarda, and C. Tsallis (eds.), Complexity, Metastability, and Nonextensivity,
    World Scientific, Singapore (2005)

  • Atmospheric turbulence and superstatistics (with E.G.D. Cohen and S. Rizzo),
    PDF file available (cond-mat/0508257), Europhysics News 36, 189 (2005)

  • From time series to superstatistics (with E.G.D. Cohen and H.L. Swinney),
    PDF file available (cond-mat/0507411), Phys. Rev. E 72, 056133 (2005)

  • Superstatistical turbulence models,
    PDF file available (physics/0506123), in Proceedings of MPA Garching (2005)

  • Superstatistics: Recent developments and applications,
    PDF file available (cond-mat/0502306), in 'Complexity, Metastability and Nonextensivity',
    eds. C. Beck, G. Benedek, A. Rapisarda, and C. Tsallis, World Scientific (2005)

  • Asymptotics of superstatistics (with Hugo Touchette),
    ps file available (cond-mat/0408091), Phys. Rev. E 71, 016131 (2005)

  • Could dark energy be measured in the lab? (with Michael C. Mackey),
    PDF file available (astro-ph/0406504), Phys. Lett. B 605, 295 (2005)

  • Publications 2004

  • Nonextensive scalar field theories and dark energy models,
    ps file available (cond-mat/0312433), Physica 340A, 459 (2004)

  • Superstatistical generalization of the work fluctuation theorem (with E.G.D. Cohen),
    ps file avaialable (cond-mat/0312399), Physica 344A, 393 (2004)

  • Superstatistics, escort distributions, and applications,
    ps file available (cond-mat/0312134), Physica 342A, 139 (2004)

  • Chaotic scalar fields as models for dark energy,
    pdf file available (astro-ph/0310479), Phys. Rev. 69D , 123515 (2004)

  • Multifractal Analysis, in Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science, ed. A. Scott, Routledge (2004),
    ps file available

  • String Theory, in Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science, ed. A. Scott, Routledge (2004),
    ps file available

  • Free Energy, in Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science , ed. A. Scott, Routledge (2004),
    ps file available

  • Superstatistics: Theory and Applications,
    PDF file available (cond-mat/0303288), Cont. Mech. Thermodyn. 16, 293 (2004)

  • Superstatistics in hydrodynamic turbulence, Physica 193D , 195 (2004),
    ps file available (physics/0303061)

  • Defect turbulence and generalized statistical mechanics (with K.E. Daniels and E. Bodenschatz), Physica 193D, 208 (2004)
    ps file available (cond-mat/0302623)

  • Generalized statistical mechanics of cosmic rays, Physica 331A, 173 (2004)
    ps file available (cond-mat/0301354)

  • Publications 2003

  • Lagrangian acceleration statistics in turbulent flows, Europhys. Lett. 64, 151 (2003),
    ps file available (cond-mat/0212566)

  • Superstatistics (with E.G.D. Cohen), Physica 322A, 267 (2003),
    ps file available (cond-mat/0205097)

  • Beck replies, Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 218902 (2003)

  • Chaotic quantization and the parameters of the standard model,
    ps file available (hep-th/0305173), Proc. Idea-Finding Symposium Frankfurt, 3 (2003), EP Systema (Debrecen)

  • Publications 2002

  • My new book:
    Spatio-temporal Chaos and Vacuum Fluctuations of Quantized Fields (World Scientific, 2002)

  • Non-extensive statistical mechanics approach to fully developed hydrodynamic turbulence, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 13 , 499 (2002)
    ps file available

  • Non-additivity of Tsallis entropies and fluctuations of temperature, Europhys. Lett. 57 , 329 (2002)
    ps file available

  • Nonextensive methods in turbulence and particle physics, Physica 305A , 209 (2002)
    ps file available

  • Generalized statistical mechanics and fully developed turbulence, Physica 306A , 189 (2002)
    ps file available (cond-mat/0110071)

  • Chaotic strings and standard model parameters, Physica 171D , 72 (2002)
    ps file available (hep-th/0105152)

  • Publications 2001

  • Measuring non-extensitivity parameters in a turbulent Couette-Taylor flow (with G.S. Lewis and H.L. Swinney), Phys. Rev 63E , 035303(R) (2001)
    ps file available

  • Scaling exponents in fully developed turbulence from nonextensive statistical mechanics, Physica 295A , 195 (2001)
    ps file available

  • Higher-order correlations of Tchebyscheff maps (with A. Hilgers), Physica 156D , 1 (2001)
    ps file available

  • A note on the application of non-extensive statistical mechanics to fully developed turbulence (with B.K. Shivamoggi),
    J. Phys. (Math. and Gen.) 34A , 4003 (2001)

  • On the small-scale statistics of Lagrangian turbulence, Phys. Lett. 287A , 240 (2001)
    ps file available

  • Dynamical foundations of nonextensive statistical mechanics, Phys. Rev. Lett. 87 , 180601 (2001)
    ps file available

  • Dynamical systems with time scale separation: Averaging, stochastic modelling, and Central Limit Theorems,
    Proceedings of `Stochastic Climate models', Birkhaeuser (2001) (with C. Roedenbeck and H. Kantz)
    ps file available

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