Complexity-GRAPE grapes is an international visitor programme at the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London. It is hosted by the Applied Mathematics Group and funded by a college/EPSRC grant awarded to Prof. Christian Beck.

The scheme runs until March 2012. One of the aims of this programme is explore the possibility of future grant applications in Complexity Science. Talks of the visitors are scheduled as part of the Dynamical Systems and Statistical Physics Seminar Series.

The list of visitors funded by this scheme includes nobel-prize winner Prof Murray Gell-Mann (Santa Fe), Prof. A. Owczarek (Melbourne), Prof. J. Aaronson (Tel Aviv), Prof. R. Artuso (Como), Dr. J. Starke (Lyngby), Dr. P. Dieterich (Dresden), Prof. R. Mantegna (Palermo), Prof. S. Ciliberto (Lyon), Prof. H.-H. Rugh (Orsay), Prof. A. Robledo (Mexico City), and several others.

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