Reto Buzano (Mueller), School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary University of London

Current Research and Reading Seminar Series

Here is a list of research and reading seminars I am involved in and a calendar of upcoming events of these five seminars.

QMUL Geometry and Analysis Seminar
QMUL Geometric Analysis Reading Seminar
KCL/UCL Geometry Seminar
KCL/UCL Geometric Analysis Reading Seminar
Brussels-London Geometry Seminar

Past and Future Events

I have been an organiser of the following events:

Brussels-London Geometry Seminar XIX (QMUL, December 2019)
QMUL Geometric Analysis Days II (QMUL, October 2018)
Brussels-London Geometry Seminar XI (QMUL, May 2017)
QMUL Geometric Analysis Day I (QMUL, April 2017)
CIMPA Research School On Geometric Flows (Jadavpur University, India, December 2016)
International Workshop Geometric Flows (QMUL, January 2016)
International workshop Ricci Solitons Days (Centro Ennio De Giorgi in Pisa, April 2011)

Details of these events I have organised, including in particular lists of speakers, can be found on my event details page.