Basel Modelling and Simulation Seminar


PODE 2014

Roche, Basel, 11 September 2014


8.30 - 8:50

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Session 1

M&S Seminar

Optimal Design Strategy to Support More Informative Studies in Drug Development





8.50 - 10.40

Nicolas Frey, Roche


France Mentre, Paris Diderot University

Importance of model based optimal designs to design successful PKPD clinical trials (Slides)

Kabir Soeny, Queen Mary University of London and Thomas Bouillon, Novartis

Combination of drugs for infectious diseases: optimal design for the choice of dose (slides)

10.40 - 11.10


Session 2

M&S Seminar

Optimal Design Strategy to Support More Informative Studies in Drug Development




11.10 - 12.30


Andreas Krause, Actelion

Adaptive dose selection in phase 1: MTD estimation and efficacy/safety balancing in entry into man studies

Alun Bedding, Roche

Dose finding - is it optimal? Experiences of using optimal and adaptive designs for dose finding (slides)

12.30 - 13.30


Session 3

PODE 2014






13.30 - 15.00


Thu Thuy Nguyen, CEA, Saclay, France

Optimal sampling times for pharmacokinetic modelling of a cocktail of phenotyping drugs (Abstract, Slides)

Giulia Lestini, IAME, UMR1137, INSERM and University Paris Diderot, France

Influence of the size of the cohorts in adaptive design for nonlinear mixed effect models:  an evaluation by simulation for a PK and PD model in oncology (Abstract Slides)

Sebastian Ueckert, University of Uppsala, Sweden

Fisher information matrix based power calculations for non-linear mixed effect models (Abstract Slides)

15.00 - 15.30


Session 4

PODE 2014





15.30 - 16.30

Roger Jelliffe, Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics, Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles Los Angeles, California

Experiment design based on Bayes risk and weighted Bayes risk with application to pharmacokinetic systems (Abstract Slides)

Yasunori Aoki, University of Uppsala, Sweden

A tale of introducing optimal design to preclinical experimentalists (Abstract PopED lite)

16.30 - 17.00

Joint Discussion

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