PODE 2013

Eli Lilly, UK

15 June 2013


9.25 - 9:30


Session 1





9.30 - 11.00

Dave Woods, University of Southampton

Bayesian inference and design space identification for nonlinear chemical kinetics (slides)

Tim Waite, University of Southampton

Integrability and Bayesian D-optimality (slides)

Roger Jelliffe, University of Southern California

Bayes risk as an alternative to Fisher Information in determining experimental designs for nonparametric models (slides)

11.00 - 11.30


Session 2






11.30 - 13.00

Francois Combes, Universite Paris Diderot

Influence of study design and associated shrinkage on power of the tests used for covariate detection in population pharmacokinetics (slides)

Sebastian Ueckert, Uppsala University

Improving cognitive testing with IRT and optimal design (slides)

Andy Hooker, Uppsala University

Platform for adaptive optimal design of nonlinear mixed effect models (slides)

13.00 - 14.00


Session 3








14.00 - 15.30

Iftakhar Alam, Queen Mary, University of London

Adaptive dose finding in early phase clinical trials incorporating pharmacokinetic information (slides)

Vlad Dragalin, Aptiv Solutions

Adaptive population enrichment design in confirmatory clinical trials (slides)

Steve Duffull, University of Otago

Designing a pilot study using adaptive DP-optimality (slides)

15.30 - 16.00


Session 4


16.00 - 16.30

Barbara Bogacka and Iva Gueorguieva, Queen Mary, University of London and Eli Lilly

General Discussion

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