PODE: Population Optimum Design of Experiments

Workshop on the theory of optimum experimental design for non-linear mixed effects models

and its applications in drug development.

PODE 2006

PODE 2007

PODE 2008

PODE 2009

PODE 2010

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PODE 2015




PODE 2015 will take place in July

at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

For more information please contact

Barbara Bogacka


Population Optimal Design ListServer (PopDesign)
An email mailing list is available for questions
and comments about the experimental design of any
study for which nonlinear mixed effects modelling is
proposed for the analysis.
You can subscribe to the list at the website:


Link with PAGE: Population Approach Group in Europe

started: Talk by France Mentre in Copenhagen (2007)




updated on 27 January 2015