I am a fourth year PhD student in the Combinatorics Group at Queen Mary University of London under the supervision of Mark Walters.

My research concerns assorted topics in combinatorics and probability, with a recent emphasis on graph theory, specifically random graphs.

For example, most recently my supervisor and I investigated the emergence of certain spanning subgraphs in the Gilbert model for a random geometric graph — a random graph model of relevance to wireless networks in which randomly chosen points in a square are joined if they are within some fixed distance of each other.

Recent News


Here is my CV (updated 21/11/2017).



Maximising the number of k-cycles in a Tournament
Jack Bartley, A. Nicholas Day
[ in preparation ]

Square Hamilton Cycles in Random Geometric Graphs
Jack Bartley, Mark Walters
[ in preparation | slides: ( BCC 2017 | PGR Day 2017 ) ]

Revolutionaries and Spies on random graphs
Jack Bartley
[ in preparation | poster ]

Selected talks

British Combinatorial Conference — July 2017
The emergence of the square of the Hamilton cycle in random geometric graphs

Queen Mary Combinatorics Study Group — February 2017
The emergence of the square of the Hamilton cycle in random geometric graphs

Queen Mary Internal Postgraduate Seminar
The typical behaviour of two Pursuit-Evasion games — October 2016
How much room do you need to rotate a needle? The Kakeya conjecture and its relatives — September 2015
Random graphs and Sidorenko's conjecture — March 2015

Teaching Experience

Calculus II — MTH4101/4201 — Semester Two 2016-17
Introduction to Probability — MTH4107/4207 — Semester Two 2016-17, Semester One 2017-2018
Geometry I — MTH4103 — Semester Two 2015-16
Introduction to Algebra — MTH4104 — Semester Two 2015-16, Semester Two 2016-17
Number Theory — MTH6128 — Semester Two 2014-15
Essential Mathematical Skills — MTH3100 — Semester Two 2014-15
Electronic Engineering Mathematics — ECS408U — Semester One 2014-15


QMUL Y11 Maths Summer School — Summer 2017
Prepared a project on "Permutation Puzzles and Parity".
Gave a workshop on "Potentials and Pebbling the Chessboard".