QuIPS: Queen Mary Internal Postgraduate Seminar

Autumn 2007

QuIPS seminars are on Wednesdays at twelve, in G2. The organiser is Andrew Curtis.

Date Time Room Speaker Title (click for an abstract)
1st Oct 2pm 103 Elliot Costi Constructive Recognition of Classical Groups
8th Oct 2pm 103 Mohan Panchanathan (and Stienlager Stongkerlard) The Generalised Nottingham Group
7th Nov 12pm G2 Reamonn O Buachalla An Introduction to Compact Quantum Groups
21st Nov 12pm G2 Colin Reid Conjugacy Classes of Finite Groups
28th Nov 12pm G2 Johanna Rämö Products of two involutions in finite simple groups
5th Dec 12pm G2 Emil Vaughan The Four Colour Theorem
Christmas Special 1pm LT1 N is a Number - A Film about Paul Erdos

The seminars usually take place in the Mathematical Sciences Building at Queen Mary, University of London. The nearest underground station is Stepney Green. Turn left at the exit and walk approximately 400 yards.

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