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Modules 2013–14

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Module credit values are expressed in terms of Queen Mary academic credits, each equivalent to 0.5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits.

The following sortable list gives full details of all undergraduate modules offered by the School of Mathematical Sciences:

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3A & BMTH3100Essential Mathematical SkillsProf. Robin Whitty0
4AMTH4100Calculus IProf. Bill Jackson15
4AMTH4105Introduction to Mathematical ComputingDr Francis Wright15
4AMTH4107Introduction to ProbabilityDr Robert Johnson / Dr Thomas Prellberg15
4AMTH4110Mathematical StructuresProf. Peter Cameron15
4BMTH4101Calculus IIDr Rainer Klages15
4BMTH4103Geometry IDr John Bray15
4BMTH4104Introduction to AlgebraDr Alex Fink15
4BMTH4106Introduction to StatisticsDr Lawrence Pettit15
5AMTH5102Calculus IIIDr Lucas Lacasa15
5AMTH5104Convergence and ContinuityDr Reto Müller15
5AMTH5109Geometry II: Knots and SurfacesProf. Shahn Majid15
5AMTH5112Linear Algebra IProf. Robert Wilson15
5AMTH5117Mathematical WritingProf. Franco Vivaldi15
5AMTH5121Probability ModelsDr Mark Walters15
5AMTH5122Statistical MethodsDr Lawrence Pettit15
5BMTH5100Algebraic Structures IProf. Leonard Soicher15
5BMTH5103Complex VariablesProf. Oliver Jenkinson15
5BMTH5105Differential and Integral AnalysisProf. Thomas Müller15
5BMTH5110Introduction to Numerical ComputingDr Wolfram Just15
5BMTH5120Statistical Modelling IDr Barbara Bogacka15
5BMTH5123Differential EquationsProf. Yan Fyodorov15
6AMTH6104Algebraic Structures IIDr Matt Fayers15
6AMTH6107Chaos and FractalsProf. Oliver Jenkinson15
6AMTH6108Coding TheoryDr Ivan Tomasic15
6AMTH6109CombinatoricsProf. Robin Whitty15
6AMTH6121Introduction to Mathematical FinanceProf. Ilya Goldsheid15
6AMTH6126Metric SpacesProf. David Arrowsmith15
6AMTH6132RelativityDr Juan Valiente-Kroon15
6AMTH6134Statistical Modelling IIDr Hugo Maruri-Aguilar15
6AMTH6139Time SeriesDr Steve Coad15
6AMTH6140Linear Algebra IIProf. Thomas Müller15
6A & BMTH6103Advanced Statistics ProjectDr Heiko Grossmann30
6A & BMTH6110Communicating and Teaching Mathematics: the Undergraduate Ambassadors SchemeDr Rosemary Harris / Dr Matt Fayers15
6A / BMTH6138Third-Year ProjectDr Ginestra Bianconi15
6BMTH6100Actuarial MathematicsDr Dudley Stark15
6BMTH6111Complex AnalysisProf. Cho-Ho Chu15
6BMTH6115CryptographyDr Behrang Noohi15
6BMTH6116Design of ExperimentsDr Hugo Maruri-Aguilar15
6BMTH6120Further Topics in Mathematical FinanceDr Adrian Baule15
6BMTH6124Mathematical Problem SolvingProf. Robert Wilson15
6BMTH6128Number TheoryDr Xin Li15
6BMTH6129Oscillations, Waves and PatternsDr Alexandre Polnarev (SPA)15
6BMTH6136Statistical TheoryDr Steve Coad15
6BMTH6141Random ProcessesProf. Mark Jerrum15
6BMTH6142Complex NetworksDr Ginestra Bianconi15
7AMTH705UApplied StatisticsDr Heiko Grossmann15
7AMTH714UGroup TheoryProf. Leonard Soicher15
7AMTH734UTopics in Probability and Stochastic ProcessesDr Dudley Stark15
7AMTH742UAdvanced CombinatoricsProf. Thomas Müller15
7AMTH744UDynamical SystemsProf. Franco Vivaldi15
7AMTH745UFurther Topics in AlgebraDr John Bray15
7A & BMTH717UMSci ProjectDr Ginestra Bianconi30
7BMTH709UBayesian StatisticsDr Lawrence Pettit15
7BMTH711UExtremal CombinatoricsDr Robert Johnson15
7BMTH716UMeasure Theory and ProbabilityProf. Ilya Goldsheid15
7BMTH731UComputational StatisticsDr Heiko Grossmann15
7BMTH732UTopologyDr Behrang Noohi15
7BMTH739UTopics in Scientific ComputingDr Leon Danon15
7BMTH743UComplex SystemsProf. Vito Latora15

Undergraduate Modules for Academic Year 2013–14 (last updated 6 January 2014)