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My equations are the same as yours!

Chris Sangwin (Birmingham)
Mon, 29/11/2010 - 16:30
Seminar series: 

In this talk we explain how computer aided assessment (CAA) can
automatically assess answers which consist of mathematical
content. We will examine what it means for two expressions to
be "the same", and when the different notions we discover are
actually useful in computer aided assessment. Ultimately we
will use ideas from computational ideal theory and a computer
algebra system to implement Buchberger's Algorithm to establish
when two systems of equations are the "same".

This will be illustrated by examples of "word exercises",
sometimes called "algebra story problems". These, we argue,
contain an element of mathematical modelling and hence are an
important component in mathematics education. In practice we
aim to provide automatic feedback in a formative setting to
support students. Examples from the STACK CAA system will
illustrate how this can be done.