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Optimum Experimental Designs for Enzyme Kinetic Models

Anthony C. Atkinson
Department of StatisticsLondon School of Economics
Thu, 25/02/2010 - 16:30
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Enzymes are biological catalysts that act on substrates. The
speed of reaction as a function of substrate concentration typically follows
the nonlinear Michaelis-Menten model. The reactions can be modified by the
presence of inhibitors, which can act by several different mechanisms, leading
to a variety of models, all also nonlinear.

The paper describes the models and derives optimum experimental de-
signs for model building. These include D-optimum designs for all the param-
eters and Ds-optimum designs for subsets of parameters. The Ds-optimum
designs may be nonsingular and so do not provide estimates of all parame-
ters; designs are suggested which have both good D- and Ds-efficiencies. Also
derived are designs for testing the equality of parameters.