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  1. Occam's Razor in Action - information as a link between statistics and probability theory

    ... Seminar Probability theory and statistics are normally considered as two distinct but related fields of ... so that applications they become more directly applicable in statistics. The talk will include the presentation of a number of open ...

    p.dudley - 10/01/2013 - 9:17am

  2. Workshop promoting collaborations between biology and statistics

    ... workshop on building collaborations between biology and statistics. Different sessions will take place from 9:00 until 13:00 on topics such as success stories between biology and statistics, facilitating and keeping collaborations, and the involvement of PhD ...

    Hugo Touchette - 18/12/2012 - 7:15pm

  3. 1st UN World Statistics Day

    ... Wednesday 20th October is the first UN-designated World Statistics Day. The Royal Statistical Society is launching getstats , a ... New Zealand colleagues into new ways of approaching statistics education) ...

    Vivien Easson - 25/10/2010 - 10:37am

  4. Extreme value statistics of 1/f noises generated by Gaussian free fields: Statistical mechanics approach

    ... unit circle. If time permits, the relation to the velocity statistics in decaying Burgers turbulence and to the distribution of length of ...

    Wolfram Just - 04/12/2009 - 1:31pm

  5. Seminars and training

    ... Seminars As a PhD research student in mathematics or statistics, you are expected to attend the regular seminars and discussion or ... in the Mathematical Sciences. Its courses cover the areas of Statistics, Applied and Pure Mathematics, with the goals of providing students ...

    Mark Jerrum - 12/06/2017 - 2:29pm

  6. Publications 1992-1994

    Publications in Statistics, 1992-1994 Names of Queen Mary authors are starred. 1992 ... by D. A. Berry, I. W. Evett and R. Pinchin. Applied Statistics , 41 , 1992, p. 527. P. J. Donnelly*: Contribution to the ... by D. A. Berry, I. W. Evett and R. Pinchin. Applied Statistics , 41 , 1992, 524-525. H. Monod and R. A. Bailey*: ...

    R A Bailey - 22/11/2013 - 2:57pm

  7. Statistics of K-Matrices in Quantum Chaotic Scattering

    Speaker:  André Nock Date/Time:  Wed, 08/10/2014 - 13:00 Room:  203 Seminar series:  Queen Mary Internal Postgraduate Seminar A scattering process can completely be characterized by...

    clinch - 01/10/2014 - 9:47am

  8. MSc programmes in Mathematical Sciences

    ... Finance, Network Science and Mathematics (with options in Statistics), as well as research postgraduate programmes, covering a wide range of topics in Mathematics and Statistics. Please see the menu on the left for more information about these ...

    admin - 09/06/2017 - 10:58am

  9. Evolving Networks and Quantum Statistics

    Speaker:  Jacopo Iacovacci Date/Time:  Wed, 26/03/2014 - 13:00 Room:  203 Seminar series:  Queen Mary Internal Postgraduate Seminar

    tcoyne - 25/03/2014 - 10:43am

  10. I want to study chartered accountancy after I graduate. Which degrees would you recommend me to study at Queen Mary?

    ... Finance, and a large number of modules in probability and statistics, all of which are relevant to accountancy. These modules can be ... are probably our BSc courses GG31 Mathematics and Statistics , G1N3 Mathematics with Actuarial Science , G1N4 ...

    admin - 11/03/2016 - 3:57pm