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  1. About us


    Jason Alvey - 08/05/2017 - 4:49pm

  2. MSc Mathematical Finance July 2012 Newsletter

    ... and the public sector. Together with the convenient location of Queen Mary in central London, in close proximity to the two world ... At the School of Mathematical Sciences, we are excited about the newly refurbished rooms for our MSc students, providing state of the ...

    Liisa Matomaki - 09/08/2012 - 11:05am

  3. The distribution of ζ'/ζ about a random point on the critical line

    ... derivative of the Riemann zeta-function, rescaled about a point chosen at random point on the critical line. The talk will be ...

    Alexander Gnedin - 21/01/2017 - 12:58pm

  4. Covariate-Adjusted Response-Adaptive Designs for Weibull Distributed Survival Responses

    ... objective is to minimise the variance of the al- location procedure. However, the former procedure being discrete tends to be ...

    lwilliams - 06/03/2017 - 12:37pm

  5. Public Lecture

    */ The Magic of Martin Gardner Location: Great Hall, the People’s Palace, Queen Mary University of London, ...

    admin - 15/07/2016 - 12:25pm

  6. Publications 1995-1999

    ... and A. F. M. Smith*: On robust Bayesian analysis for location and scale parameters. Journal of Multivariate Analysis , 70 , ... of the maximum likelihood method to detection and location of quantitative trait genes in animal. Proceedings of the XXV ...

    R A Bailey - 22/11/2013 - 2:56pm

  7. Research

    With over 60 academic staff passionate about their mathematics, the School of Mathematical Sciences is an exciting ... a wide range of mathematical activity to flourish. Details about our activities can be found in the Event section.   ...

    Wolfram Just - 24/08/2017 - 11:55am

  8. The sharp threshold for making squares.

    ... improved these bounds, and stated a conjecture as to the location of this sharp threshold. In recent work, we have confirmed this ...

    David Ellis - 26/04/2016 - 11:50am

  9. Messing about on the river: an introduction to catchment hydrology & flood forecasting

    ... weather is fine, then you know it's the time For messing about on the river (Tony Hatch) So goes the song, but how do we ...

    Rosemary Harris - 18/11/2011 - 4:49pm

  10. ImpactQM Scholarships

    ... European scale with capacities of pipelines and substations; location of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals) with mathematical models to ... complex industrial sector". We look forward to hearing more about the outcome of these scholarships in future and congratulate the ...

    Vivien Easson - 05/02/2010 - 10:07am