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Publications 2008-present
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  3. Wilfrid Hodges*, Logics of Imperfect Information: Why Sets of Assignments?, Proceedings of 7th De Morgan Workshop 'Interactive Logic: Games and Social Software', November 2005, ed. Johan van Benthem, Dov Gabbay and Benedikt Loewe.
  4. Wilfrid Hodges*, From Sentence Meanings to Full Semantics, for research proceedings of All-India Logic Conference, Mumbai 2005.
  5. Wilfrid Hodges*, A Visit to Tarski's Seminar on Elimination of Quantifiers, for tutorial proceedings of All-India Logic Conference, Mumbai 2005, ed. Amitabha Gupta et al.
  6. Wilfrid Hodges*, The Scope and Limits of Logic, in Handbook of the Philosophy of Logic, ed. Dale Jacquette.
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  9. T. W. Müller*, Counting wreath product representations of finite groups, J. Algebra.
  10. T. W. Müller* and J.-C. Schlage-Puchta, Expansion properties of symmetric groups, J. Combinatorial Theory (A).