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Hugo Hugo Touchette is an advocate of the use of the theory of large deviations for studying problems of equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics. He is the author of a recent review article which surveys the many applications of this theory in statistical mechanics. He has worked himself on two such applications: i) the nonequivalence of statistical mechanical ensembles for long-range systems with nonconcave entropies, and ii) the derivation of fluctuation relations for systems driven in nonequilibrium steady states. His current research work is concerned with the convexity properties of rate functions, the basic object of large deviation theory, and the development of new methods for calculating such rate functions. Hugo left QMUl in 2013 to take a position at NITheP, Stellenbosch.

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  • Dr. Hugo Touchette has been appointed to an interdisciplinary academic fellowship at Queen Mary, starting January 2006. It is a permanent position at lecturer level. (30/06/05)
  • Christian Beck's co-worker Eddie Cohen (Rockefeller University, New York) has been awarded the Boltzmann medal of this year. The Boltzmann medal is awarded every three years and represents the most important prize in statistical physics. A recent joint paper of Eddie and Christian is C. Beck, E.G.D. Cohen, Physica A 322, 267 (2003).