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The Research Institute for Symbolic Computation offers positions for
Doctoral studies in symbolic computation starting in 2010.

Symbolic Computation is the subarea of mathematics and computer
science which solves problems on symbolic objects representable on a
computer. The Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC) in
the castle of Hagenberg, Austria, is an international institute with
its research focus on various branches of symbolic computation.
Research interests of RISC include

* Algebraic Geometry
* Algorithmic Combinatorics
* Automated Reasoning
* Computer Algebra
* Parallel and Distributed Computing
* Scientific Computing

RISC has a program for doctoral studies. About 25 Ph.D. students are
currently participating in this program. In the frame of its doctoral
program, RISC offers

* a curriculum with lectures and seminars in English,
* fellowships for covering living expenses in Austria,
* access to latest research results in the field,
* an inspiring location in a medieval castle, and
* contacts to leading scientists at RISC and
* around the world.

RISC seeks applications of excellent and highly motivated students
with a university degree in mathematics and/or computer science.
Experience in symbolic computation is an advantage but no formal

For starting your Ph.D. studies at RISC in October, please send your
application by February 15. Please check our website for further

Research Institute for Symbolic Computation
Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria