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BSc Mathematics with Finance and Accounting

UCAS code: G1N4

Duration: three years

Start Date: September 2012

Programme description

You will incorporate mathematical and statistical training with finance and accounting, including general financial theory and its applications to business and commerce. The first year consists of six modules of mathematics and statistics and two modules of finance and accounting, and there are three finance and accounting modules in the second year. Overall, about two thirds of your modules will be in mathematics and statistics, and the other third in finance and accounting.

Programme outline

Year 1

Essential Mathematical SkillsCalculus ICalculus IIGeometry IDifferential EquationsIntroduction to ProbabilityIntroduction to StatisticsFinancial AccountingEconomics for Business

Year 2

Linear Algebra IStatistical Modelling IStatistical Methods • Financial Institutions • Managerial Accounting •

Options include:

Probability ModelsIntroduction to AlgebraComplex Variables

Year 3

Introduction to Mathematical FinanceActuarial Mathematics • Financial Management • Statistical Theory 

Options include:

Statistical Modelling IITime SeriesDesign of ExperimentsFurther Topics in Mathematical FinanceRandom ProcessesComputational StatisticsLinear Algebra II Third Year Project