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Georgina Eaton, 2011-12 MSc Maths Student

What were you doing before you came to Queen Mary?

Before I came to Queen Mary to commence my Postgraduate study, I had studied for a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics at Queen Mary.

Why did you decide to undertake postgraduate study?

I decided to further my studies as I really enjoyed my degree and was interested to explore advanced topics in Mathematics.  Also, the current economic climate has increased the need for those wishing to pursue careers in specialist areas to be better qualified in their subject and I felt that acquiring a Masters qualification would be of great benefit to me when applying for jobs.

What attracted you to Queen Mary? Why did you choose to do your course here?

I decided to continue studying at Queen Mary as it is a leader in the research and teaching fields; attracting many leading academics to its staff. I found the quality of the teaching in my degree to be excellent so continuing my studies at Queen Mary was an obvious choice for me. Also, Queen Mary offered a bursary which contributed towards the tuition fees which attracted me to continue my studies here.

Are you happy with the standard of your teaching/supervision?

Yes, I am definitely happy with the standard of teaching at Queen Mary. The lecturers are very encouraging and supportive. During lectures you can ask questions about the material being presented and the lecturers are always happy to see you individually about any problems you may have with the work.

What do you enjoy most about the course?

I enjoy learning about different areas of Mathematics that I have not previously covered in my undergraduate degree.

What are the main differences between undergraduate and postgraduate study? Has it been an easy transition to make?

Postgraduate study requires a student to be more independent and more background reading is involved than at undergraduate level. Also, the postgraduate study offers the opportunity to choose project based modules whereas the undergraduate degree consisted mainly of exam based modules. The workload has been more intense at a postgraduate level, and the material covered in lectures is more challenging than at an undergraduate level, however I find it is very rewarding when you manage to fully understand a topic at a deeper level. The transition from undergraduate to postgraduate study has not been too hard for me but I have had to organise my time efficiently to make sure I complete my work to the deadlines.

What’s it like being a postgraduate student in London?

It is great being a student in London as there’s a wide range of places to visit and socialise at.

What are the advantages of a campus university like Queen Mary?

The main advantage of a campus university like Queen Mary is that the facilities are all located on the same site within a short distance of one another which is not only convenient but helps to encourage student community, well-being and safety.

Are you happy with your course facilities (labs, library/IT resources etc)?

The facilities at Queen Mary are excellent. We have our own private MSc study room with computer and printing facilities which I have found to be a great place to study and discuss work with other postgraduate Mathematics students. The library is another good facility as there are designated areas for silent study and group work.

What do you think of the facilities on campus (cafés, restaurants, bars, gym etc)?

The facilities on campus are great. There are plenty of restaurants and shops on campus with reasonably priced food, drink and stationary items. ‘Drapers bar’ (the main bar on campus) provides some great social events during the week from comedy nights, movie nights and even themed fancy dress parties! The gym is also a good facility on campus. There are plenty of machines to use and there is a wide variety of classes that you can attend for example, yoga, circuits and zumba.

Can you describe Queen Mary in three words?

Great student experience


Brendan O'Neill, 2010-11 MSc Maths Student

Why did you choose Queen Mary for your postgraduate study?

Being uncertain about my future career, it was important for me to have a good variety of modules on offer for my MSc and to get a taste of many different subjects and career paths at once. When I looked at QMUL, I was very impressed by their wide variety of modules on offer and the fact that they have one of the largest mathematics departments in the UK. One nice thing about studying at QMUL is that we are also allowed to take modules at other universities that are part of the University of London, so we are spoilt for choice really.

What in particular do you enjoy about your course/School of Mathematical Sciences?

I really enjoyed the fact that I was able to get everything I wanted out of my MSc. In my first semester, I followed a refresher module on statistics and then tried new subjects such as actuarial mathematics and financial mathematics. I also perfected my programming skills as part of a scientific computing module. All in all, it was more than I hoped for from one institution. The general support and advice from the programme coordinator and his open door policy also made a huge difference to me.

What are your career plans after you graduate?

I am currently looking for work in actuarial science and finance. The careers office at QMUL has been really helpful in offering advice on how and where to look for jobs.