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Professional Services

In the table below, please note that:

  • all offices are in the Queens' Building;
  • the external telephone number is +44 (0)20 7882 followed by the four-digit extension shown;
  • you must follow the email address with

Name Job title Email Office Extension
Mrs R Begum Teaching and Student Support Assistant rahena.begum CB309 5440
Mr P Dudley Administrative Assistant p.dudley CB301 5494
Ms C M Griffin UG Programme Administrator c.m.griffin CB309 5470
Ms S Hurrell Student Recruitment and Outreach Officer s.hurrell CB309 3667
Ms G Lambert Careers Consultant - Mathematical Sciences gill.lambert CB309 7585
Miss M Liddle Executive Officer megan.liddle CB301 5455
Mr W Ng Student Support Officer CB309 5454
Mr B C O'Neill Postgraduate Taught Programmes Officer b.c.o'neill CB309 5468
Ms M Patsou Teaching and Student Support Assistant m.patsou CB309 5440
Dr E Piccaro Research Manager elisa.piccaro CB301 7833
Ms E Pitt Student Recruitment and Outreach Manager e.pitt CB309 3668
Mr S Rawstron Teaching and Student Support Manager s.rawstron CB309 5219
Dr M Witcombe Postgraduate Research Programmes Officer m.witcombe CB309 3170
Ms A Young Finance and Facilities Officer a.young CB301 5514
Mrs J Young School Manager j.young CB302 5485