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Statistical Mechanics Study Group

Time: Please see below and follow announcements.
Location: tba

General Idea: The aim of these meetings is to provide a forum to discuss both our own work and other recent (or not-so-recent) developments in statistical mechanics. This is intended to be a "study group" not a "seminar"; speakers are asked to proceed slowly and audience participation is actively encouraged. After each talk there is also the opportunity for further informal discussions in more relaxed surroundings.

Schedule: The list below gives a provisional outline of talks planned for this semester. Please note, however, that our schedule is fairly flexible to allow for the evolving interests of the group.

Organizers: Vicenzo Nicosia; if you want to be on the group's mailing list, or perhaps want to give a talk yourself, please email us (

There are no seminars currently scheduled for this period.

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