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Books and proceedings

Books written by members of the group

DavidA D.K. Arrowsmith
Ordinary differential equations: A qualitative approach with applications
Chapman and Hall, 1982
DavidB D.K. Arrowsmith and C.M. Place
Introduction to Dynamical Systems
Cambridge University Press, 1990
DavidC D.K. Arrowsmith and C.M. Place
Dynamical Systems: Differential Equations, Maps and Chaotic Behaviour
Chapman & Hall, 1992
ChristianA C. Beck and F. Schlögl
Thermodynamics of chaotic systems
Cambridge University Press, 1993
ChristianB C. Beck
Spatio-temporal chaos and vaccum fluctuations of quantized fields
World Scientific, 2002
PaulG P.M. Geffert
Stochastic Non-Excitable Systems with Time Delay
Springer Spektrum , 2015
RainerA R. Klages
Microscopic Chaos, Fractals and Transport in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics
Advanced Series in Nonlinear Dynamics, Vol. 24
World Scientific, 2007
RainerB R. Klages, G.Radons, I.M.Sokolov (Eds.)
Anomalous transport
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2008
RainerC R.Klages, W.Just, C.Jarzynski (Eds.)
Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics of Small Systems: Fluctuation Relations and Beyond
Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2013; ISBN 978-3-527-41094-1
LindaA L.Rass and J. Radcliffe
Spatial Deterministic Epidemics
Mathematical Surveys and Monographs, Vol.102
American Mathematical Society (2003)
Franco F. Vivaldi
Mathematical Writing
Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series
Springer (2014)
WolframA G. Radons, W. Just, and H. Häussler (Eds.)
Collective dynamics of nonlinear and disordered systems
Springer, 2005
WolframB H. G. Schuster and W. Just
Deterministic Chaos
Wiley-VCH, 2005

Proceedings published by members of the group

ChristianC C. Beck, G. Benedek, A. Rapisarda, and C. Tsallis (eds.)
Complexity, Metastability and Nonextensivity
Proceedings of the 31st Workshop of the International School of Solid State Physics, Erice, Sicily, Italy 20 - 26 July 2004
RainerC R. Klages, H. van Beijeren, P. Gaspard, and J.R. Dorfman (eds.)
Microscopic Chaos and Transport in Many-Particle Systems
CHAOTRAN proceedings
Physica D 187, 1-4 (2004) (special issue)
WolframC W. Just, A. Pelster, M. Schanz, and E. Schöll (eds.)
Delayed complex systems
Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. A 368 (2010), 301-513