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People in Statistics in the Mathematics Research Centre at Queen Mary, University of London

Members of the Mathematics Research Centre undertaking research in Statistics are listed below,

We also have links with other statisticians within QMUL. These include the medical statisticians based in the following groups in the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine at QMUL.:

This page gives sketches of our research interests, links to our personal web pages, and links to our author profiles in MathSciNet. Many of us keep details of our teaching and research on our personal web pages.

The MathSciNet author profiles give access to

  • up-to-date lists and reviews of our mathematical publications,
  • our citation counts since 2000 with lists of most cited mathematical papers,
  • our co-authors and collaboration within mathematics.

(Note that a MathSciNet subscription is necessary to access these pages.)

Although this is useful information, the profiles are only partial, as most of us engage in collaborative research with people in other disciplines: see Collaborative Research.

R. A. Bailey

R. A. Bailey's interests are in design of experiments, with particular emphasis on randomization, factorial designs, analysis of variance, neighbour effects, families of linear models, incomplete-block designs, multi-stratum experiments, multi-tiered experiments, and applications in agriculture and biology. This research is motivated by problems arising in experiments in a number of scientific areas, such as: if we are experimenting on sprays to deter aphids, does it matter what spray is on the neighbouring plot? In turn, this spills over into pure combinatorics, such as Latin squares and association schemes. She retired at the end of September 2012, and is now professor emerita.

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B. Bogacka

B. Bogacka's interests are in optimality of experimental design for parameter estimation and for discrimination between models; and in applications of the theory of optimum design in science and industry, in particular in various issues of drug development studies, such as adaptive designs in early phases of clinical trials, and PK/PD population design.

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D. S. Coad

D. S. Coad's interests are mainly in the area of sequential analysis, with particular emphasis on estimation following sequential tests, models for multi-armed clinical trials, response-adaptive designs, multivariate analysis, adaptive nonlinear regression models, asymptotic approximations, models for early phase clinical trials and inference following biased coin designs. This research is motivated by issues arising in clinical trials, such as: if we use adaptive treatment allocation, how do we carry out a valid analysis? Some of the theoretical work leads to results which have applications in other areas.

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J. Cuzick

J. Cuzick is an honorary member of the Mathematics Research Centre. His interests are the design and analysis of disease prevention studies, multi-arm clinical trials, methods for adjusting for non-compliance in randomised trials, asymptotic theory, and limit theorems.

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S. Duffy

S. Duffy is an honorary member of the Mathematics Research Centre. His interests are the evaluation of service screening, models of disease progression, and applied Bayesian modelling.

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H. G. Großmann

H. G. Großmann's interests are in the design of experiments, especially in those where consumers must choose between items which differ on a number of attributes.

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B. Jones

B. Jones is an honorary professorial fellow. His interests are in the design and analysis of cross-over trials, optimal design for nonlinear models, network meta-analysis, forecasting patient recruitment in multicentre trials, Bayesian adaptive clinical trials, and bioequivalence testing.

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H. Maruri-Aguilar

H. Maruri-Aguilar's interests are in the design of experiments, including algebraic methods and applications to computer experiments.

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L. I. Pettit

L. I. Pettit's interests are in Bayesian statistics. Much of his work has been on outliers and influential observations. Recent research in this area has been on outliers in circular data, the influence of outliers on the Box-Cox transformation and outliers in multivariate normal data. He has also worked on degradation modelling. Measuring conflict between data and prior is a continuing topic of interest. He has also worked on loss functions and optimal sample size.

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D. A. Preece

D. A. Preece's research is into classes of combinatorial designs that include Latin squares and balanced incomplete-block designs, non-orthogonal Graeco-Latin designs, neighbour designs and tight single-change covering designs. These designs have had applications in the methodology of statistics, many of them as designs for comparative experiments in quantitative biological research. The research involves use of group theory and number theory.

Donald Preece died on 6 January 2014, whilst still very active in research.

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P. Sasieni

P. Sasieni is an honorary member of the Mathematics Research Centre. His interests are the evaluation of service screening, survival analysis, adaptive design, asymptotic theory, and smoothing.

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R. Thompson

R. Thompson's interests are in mixed models, residual maximum likelihood, and applications in genetics and agriculture.

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