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Seminars and events

Seminars and events involving statisticians in the School of Mathematical Sciences

Regular Seminars

The group hosts a seminar series on Thursday afternoons during term.

About once per semester, this is held jointly with the Statistics group at Southampton University, and two talks are given. The most recent joint meeting was held in Southampton on 7 November 2013.

If there is no advertised speaker, the group may meet at the seminar time for an informal discussion of current research in statistics. Alternatively, we may meet to discuss a statistical problem posed by a researcher in another Queen Mary department.

Most past seminars in design of experiments are listed here.

Other events

On 2 December 2009, we put on an afternoon of talks about the design and analysis of experiments in the Queen Mary Bridging the Gaps series, primarily for the benefit of colleagues in other departments.

On 1 March 2010, Professor S. Eldridge gave her inaugural lecture on “Clustering, correlation and complex interventions: the tribulations and triumphs of a (pragmatic) trialist” at 1730 in the Perrin Lecture Theatre, the Blizard Building, Newark Street, Whitechapel.

D. S. Coad was co-organizer of a workshop on Dose-Finding Methodology in Early Phase Clinical Trials held at the University of Reading, 22–24 March 2010, funded by the Medical Research Council.

Several of us were involved in the 3rd International Conference on Design of Experiments in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, 10–13 May 2011, as session organizers or invited speakers.

On 27 May 2011, R. A. Bailey gave a Friday Evening Discourse at the Royal Institution.

A conference in honour of Adrian F. M. Smith was held in Crete from 2 to 5 June 2011. He was an honorary member of our Statistics group while he was principal of Queen Mary, University of London from 1998 to 2008. L I. Pettit chaired a session at this meeting.

Many of us participated in the research programme Design and Analysis of Experiments at the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, from 18 July to 21 December 2011. We have recently gained approval for a one-week follow-on workshop on Design and Analysis of Experiments in Healthcare, 6–10 July 2015.