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The two-periodic Aztec diamond menu

The two-periodic Aztec diamond

Sunil Chhita (Durham)
Wed, 08/11/2017 - 13:00
Queen's Building, W316

Simulations of uniformly random domino tilings of large Aztec
diamonds give striking pictures due to the emergence of two macroscopic
regions. These regions are often referred to as solid and liquid phases.
A limiting curve separates these regions and interesting probabilistic
features occur around this curve, which are related to random matrix
theory. The two-periodic Aztec diamond features a third phase, often
called the gas phase. In this talk, we introduce the model and discuss
some of the asymptotic behavior at the liquid-gas boundary. This is
based on joint works with Vincent Beffara (Grenoble), Kurt Johansson
(Stockholm) and Benjamin Young (Oregon).