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School Colloquium (archive, from 2014–16)

The general purpose of the School Colloquia is to provide accessible and engaging introductions to a broad range of topics of current research interest in any branch of Mathematics or its applications.

All talks this ( Autumn 2016) semester take place on Mondays at 17:00-18:00 in the Mathematics Lecture Theatre and are followed by a reception at 18:00 in the School of Mathematical Sciences Foyer.


Autumn 2016:

3rd October 2016  Prof. Frank den Hollander (Leiden) Breaking of ensemble equivalence for complex networks

31st October 2016  Prof. Andrew Thomason (Cambridge) Containers in combinatorics

5th December 2016  Prof. Jens Marklof (Bristol) Kinetic transport, renormalization and measure rigidity

Spring 2016:

January 25, 2016   Prof. Alexander  Gamburd  (CUNY, New York)  Markoff Triples and Strong Approximation

February 15, 2016   Prof. Martin  Hairer  FRS (Warwick)  Taming infinities

March 14, 2016   Prof. Keith  Ball  FRS (Warwick)  Where is a convex set?

Autumn 2015:

October 5, 2015   Prof. Misha  Sodin  (Tel Aviv)  Topology of zero sets of smooth random functions

October 19, 2015  Prof. Ivan  Smith (Cambridge) Flat surfaces and symplectic topology

December 07, 2015  Prof. Günter   Ziegler (Berlin) Geometry vs. Topology: On 4-polytopes and 3-spheres and their parameters

Spring 2015:

February 9, 2015   Prof. Nick  Trefethen  FRS (Oxford)  Mathematics of the Faraday Cage

March 2, 2015  Prof. Mark  Pollicott (Warwick) Counting circles in the Apollonian Circle Packing

March 30, 2015   Prof. Christian  Krattenthaler (Vienna)  Fuss-Catalan Combinatorics

Autumn 2014:

November 3, 2014   Prof. Jon  Keating  FRS (Bristol)  Primes and Polynomials in Short Intervals

November 17, 2014  Prof. Toby Gee (Imperial)  The modularity of elliptic curves 20 years on

December 1, 2014   Prof. Helen Byrne (Oxford)  Seeing the wood for the trees with mathematical modelling