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Members of the Statistics and Data Analysis Group

This page gives sketches of our research interests and links to our personal web pages. Personal pages represent the views of the individuals only, not the view of the School.

For contact details please consult the contact-us section as well.

Basia Barbara Bogacka'sinterests are in optimality of experimental design for parameter estimation and for discrimination between models; and in applications of the theory of optimum design in science and industry, in particular in various issues of drug development studies, such as adaptive designs in early phases of clinical trials, and PK/PD population design.
Steve Steve Coad'sinterests are mainly in the area of sequential analysis, with particular emphasis on estimation following sequential tests, models for multi-armed clinical trials, response-adaptive designs, multivariate analysis, adaptive nonlinear regression models, asymptotic approximations, models for early phase clinical trials and inference following biased coin designs. This research is motivated by issues arising in clinical trials, such as: if we use adaptive treatment allocation, how do we carry out a valid analysis? Some of the theoretical work leads to results which have applications in other areas.
Heiko Heiko Grossmannis interested in the statistical design and analysis of experiments. A major theme of his work is the construction of optimal and efficient designs for a wide range of models and applications, such as paired comparison and choice experiments. In addition to deriving analytical results he has a keen interest in translating his theoretical work into practical design algorithms. Other research interests include functional data analysis and the analysis of multi-stratum experiments. Heiko enjoys interacting with researchers from other disciplines and collaborating on applied projects.
Hugo Hugo Maruri-Aguilar'sinterests are in the design of experiments, including algebraic methods and applications to computer experiments.
Lawrence L.awrence Pettit'sinterests are in Bayesian statistics. Much of his work has been on outliers and influential observations. Recent research in this area has been on outliers in circular data, the influence of outliers on the Box-Cox transformation and outliers in multivariate normal data. He has also worked on degradation modelling. Measuring conflict between data and prior is a continuing topic of interest. He has also worked on loss functions and optimal sample size.

The group has numerous collaborations within the school and beyond. Members from other group with a strong interest in data analysis and statistics are for instance David Arrowsmith, Rainer Klages, or Leon Danon.