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Shabnam Beheshti

Shabnam Beheshti's research interest is in geometric analysis. Please visit her website for more details.

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Cho-Ho Chu

Cho-Ho Chu's interests in analysis and geometry include Jordan theory and infinite dimensional manifolds, analysis on homogeneous spaces, operator algebras and functional analysis.

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Michael Farber

Michael Farber research interest is in applied algebraic topology. Please visit his website for more details.

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Xin Li


Xin Li's research focuses on operator algebras, K-theory and functional analysis. He is also interested in number theory and dynamical systems.

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Shahn Majid

Shahn Majid is interested in algebraic structures on the interface between pure mathematics and mathematical physics including quantum gravity. Particularly: noncommutative differential geometry; quantum groups or Hopf algebras; applications in representation theory, knot theory, discrete systems such as a Lie theory for finite groups, and the octonions.

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Reto Müller


Reto Müller's research is in geometric analysis, nonlinear partial differential equations, and the calculus of variations, with emphasis on geometric heat flows. The main focus of his current research is on the Ricci flow. This evolution equation for a Riemannian metric on an abstract manifold proved spectacularly successful with Grigori Perelman proving a complete classification of three-dimensional manifolds in 2002/2003. Reto Mueller's recent results are mainly about higher-dimensional Ricci flow and its singularity formation.

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Behrang Noohi


Behrang Noohi is interested in higher categorical/derived structures in algebra and geometry. More specifically: algebraic/differentiable/topological stacks, moduli problems, higher dimensional groups and higher Lie theory, and string topology.

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Ivan Tomašić


Ivan Tomašić studies model theory (a branch of logic) and applications in algebraic geometry and number theory. More specifically, his interests include difference algebra and geometry (relating to the arithmetic aspects of the Frobenius automorphism), measurable structures, (nonstandard) cohomology theories and motivic integration.

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Juan Valiente-Kroon

Juan Valiente-Kroon's research interests include mathematical relativity, optics and electromagnetics. His website contains details of his recent research activities.

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