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SPECIAL EVENT: CoSyDy meeting on Complexity and Epidemic Dynamics

Mon, 31/03/2014 - 12:30
Seminar series: 

Organisers: Leon Danon and Rosemary J. Harris

Complex systems theory has played an increasingly important role in infectious disease epidemiology. From the fundamental basis of transmission between two interacting individuals, complexity can emerge at all scales, from small outbreaks to global pandemics. Traditional ODE models rely on simplistic characterisations of interactions and transmission, but as more and more data become available these are no longer necessary. The descriptive and predictive power of transmission models can be improved by statistical descriptions of behaviour and movement of individuals, and tools from complex systems contribute greatly to the discussion.  

This workshop will cover advances in mathematical epidemiology that have been shaped by complex systems approaches. The workshop is intended to cover a broad spectrum of topics, from theoretical aspects of transmission on networks to current work shaping public policy on diseases of livestock and honey bees.

Attendance at this workshop is free and open to everyone.  However, for catering purposes, please register your attendance via email to or by 21st March. 

The meeting is part of the CoSyDy series, a London Mathematical Society Scheme 3 network bringing together UK mathematicians investigating Complex Systems Dynamics. Travel support is available for participants from the member nodes.


11:30-12:10 Vincent Jansen, Royal Holloway, University of London
  Rats, Fleas and the Tip of the Tongues: Modelling the Epidemiology of the Plague
12:10-12:40 Jon Read, University of Liverpool
  Mobility, social encounter patterns and influenza exposure in Southern China
12:40-13:30 Buffet Lunch
13:30-14:10 Frank Ball, University of Nottingham
  Epidemics on random networks with tunable clustering, degree correlation and degree distribution
14:10-14:40 Kieran Sharkey, University of Liverpool
  Prevalence, invasion and duality for SIS dynamics on finite Networks
14:40-15:10 Helen Johnson, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  Keeping it Real: Calibration and Parametric Inference for Complex Epidemic Models
15:10-15:40 Tea and Coffee
15:40-16:20 Rowland Kao, University of Glasgow
  Supersize me: how big data and whole genome sequencing are transforming epidemiology
16:20-16:50 Mike Tildesley, University of Exeter
  Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases in the Presence of Uncertainty
16:50-17:20 Samik Datta, University of Warwick
  Modelling the spread of disease in honeybees
17:20- Drinks and Discussion

All talks will now be in the Maths Lecture Theatre of the Mathematics Building. The full programme is also available as a pdf attachment below.

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