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Permanent members

Most of the School staff are involved in research in discrete mathematics either wholly or as   part of their profile.  

The current Director of the Centre is Professor David ArrowsmithHis research interests now lie mainly in infrastructure networks and flows on regular graphs, having spent most of his career in Dynamical Systems.


  • Dr Dvir FALIK joined the school as QMUL-Warwick Strategic Alliance Research Fellow in November 2012. His PhD is from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2011, and he has held postdoctoral positions at Microsoft Israel and at Tel Aviv University. He has worked on analytic methods in combinatorics, which has applications to isoperimetry in discrete product spaces and to social choice theory. In recent work with Friedgut, he applied novel methods, including discrete Fourier analysis, to obtain robust versions of impossibility theorems in the theory of social choice.
  • Dr Viresh PATEL joined the school as QMUL-Warwick Strategic Alliance Research Fellow in December 2013. He completed his PhD at LSE in 2009, and subsequently held postdoctoral positions at the Universities of Durham and Birmingham. He is interested in the theory of graphs and other combinatorial structures such as partial orders. His work includes both computational and probabilistic elements. In recent joint publications, he has provided solutions to a long-standing open problem on Hamiltonian cycles in tournaments, and to a question in the very active area of limits of sequences of partially ordered sets.

Visitors in 2013

  •  Brett Stevens (Carleton University,  Ottawa)  20-26 January, 2013.