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Emeritus staff

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  • All offices are in the Mathematics Building.
  • The full telephone number begins +44 (0)20 7882 followed by the four-digit extension given below.

Name Job title Email Office Extension
Professor R A Bailey Emerita Professor of Statistics r.a.bailey
Dr B Bogacka Emeritus Reader in Mathematics b.bogacka
Professor S R Bullett Emeritus Professor of Mathematics s.r.bullett
Professor P J Cameron Emeritus Professor of Mathematics p.j.cameron
Professor I M Chiswell Emeritus Professor of Pure Mathematics i.m.chiswell
Professor C H Chu Emeritus Professor of Mathematics c.chu
Dr D E Cohen Emeritus Reader Pure Mathematics d.e.cohen
Dr D J Collins Emeritus Reader in Mathematics d.j.collins
Professor S Gilmour Emeritus Professor of Statistics s.g.gilmour
Professor A Hilton Emeritus Professor a.hilton
Dr J W B Hughes Emeritus Reader in Mathematics
Professor C R Leedham-Green Emeritus Professor c.r.leedham-green
Professor M A H MacCallum Emeritus Professor of Applied Mathematics m.a.h.maccallum
Professor A Macintyre FRS Emeritus Professor of Mathematical Sciences a.macintyre
Dr J Radcliffe Emeritus Staff j.radcliffe
Dr L Rass Emeritus Staff l.rass
Dr S Simons Emeritus Staff s.simons
Professor B A F Wehrfritz Emeritus Professor of Pure Mathematics b.a.f.wehrfritz
Professor R A Wilson Emeritus Professor of Pure Mathematics r.a.wilson