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Combinatorial Probability and Statistical Mechanics Workshop

This is the 1st joint workshop between QMUL and Warwick, which is supported by the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP).

Location: Queen Mary, University of London

Date: 21 - 23 February 2013

Main Topics: stochastic processes, asymptotic enumeration, analytic combinatorics and the analysis of algorithms

Organizers: Alexander Gnedin, Thomas Prellberg, Dudley Stark

Scientific Advisers: Alexander Gnedin, Neil O'Connell

Confirmed Speakers

Cyril Banderier, Paris 13, "Analytic Combinatorics and the Airy distribution"
Mindaugas Bloznelis, Vilnius, "Clustering properties of random intersection graphs"  pdf file of talk
Graham Brightwell, LSE, "A Fixed-Point Approximation for a Routing Model in Equilibrium" pdf file of talk
Phillippe Chassaing, Nancy, "The height of the Lyndon tree" pdf file of talk
Sylvie Corteel, Université Paris Diderot 7, "Aztec diamonds and Aztec Pyramids" pdf file of talk
Jean-Francois Delmas, Marne-la-Vallee, "Beta-coalescents in continuum Lévy trees"
Michael Drmota, TU Wien, "Shape characteristics of critical and sub-critical graph classes" pdf file of talk
Mark Dukes, Strathclyde, "Parallelogram polyominoes, the sandpile model on a bipartite graph, and a q,t-Narayana polynomial" pdf file of talk
Sergi Elizalde, Dartmouth, "The most and the least avoided consecutive patterns" pdf file of talk
Bernhard Gittenberger, TU Wien, "Infinite dimensional Gaussian limiting distributions in combinatorics" pdf file of talk
Christina Goldschmidt, Oxford, "The scaling limit of the minimum spanning tree of the complete graph" pdf file of talk
Boris Granovsky, Technion, "Khintchine-Meinardus method for asymptotic enumeration: Achievements and Limitations" pdf file of talk
Roman Kotecky, Warwick, "Phase transitions for random colourings"
Christian Krattenthaler, Vienna, "The interaction of a gap with a free boundary in a two-dimensional dimer system"
Cecile Mailler, Versailles, "Random Boolean formulas built on an infinite number of variables" pdf file of talk
Marni Mishna, SFU, "A combinatorial approach to lattice path asymptotics" pdf file of talk
Marc Noy, UPC,  "On the probability of planarity of a random graph near the critical point" pdf file of talk
Alois Panholzer, TU Wien, "Label quantities in trees and mappings" pdf file of talk
Robert Sedgewick, Princeton, "Analytic Combinatorics for the Masses"  pdf file of talk
Alan Sokal, NYU/UCL, "Roots of a formal power series with applications to graph enumeration and q-series" pdf file of talk


Here is the schedule.

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Here is information about the 2nd joint workshop QMUL-Warwick to be held in Venice, Italy.

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Many of the talks at the workshop had pdf files which can be downloaded above.