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BMC2014 - programme structure (preliminary)

  07.04 (Monday) 08.04 (Tuesday) 09.04 (Wednesday) 10.04 (Thursday)
900 - 1000   plenary lecture
morning lectures
morning lectures
1000 - 1100 morning lectures
morning lectures
morning lectures
1100 - 1130 coffee
1130 - 1230 LMS meeting
plenary lecture
plenary lecture
plenary lecture
1230 - 1245 closing
1245 - 1400 lunch lunch  
1400 - 1515 arrival/
workshops workshops
1515 - 1530 opening (Great Hall)
1530 - 1630 plenary lecture
1630 - 1700 Google lecture
1700 - 1800 reception plenary lecture
plenary lecture
1800 - 1830    
1830 - 1900

public lecture


1900 - 1930 conference dinner
1930 ongoing  


plenary lecture: ArtsTwo lecture theatre  
morning lectures: ArtsTwo and Skeel lecture theatre (two parallel sessions)
workshops: MLT, M103, M203, PP1, PP2 (five parallel sessions)
ceremonies: Great Hall/ArtsTwo
events: Octagon
Great Hall lecture: Great Hall
coffee breaks: Morning: Foyer ArtsTwo and People's Palace

Afternoon: Foyer Maths and People's Palace
registration: Foyer People's Palace

Titles and abstracts of Plenary and Morning lectures.

Workshops timetable (preliminary)

Tuesday 08 April
Combinatorics [PP1] Ergodic Theory [M203] Geometry [MLT] Group Theory [PP2] Number Theory [M103]
14:00 Conlon Morris Neves Caprace Freitas
14:50 Pikhurko Bousch Juhász Casals-Ruiz Bellovin
15:45 Sanders van Strien Eynard Evseev Loeffler
Wednesday 09 April
14:00 Jerrum Thompson Behrend Britnell Balakrishnan
14:50 McCourt Haynes Randal-Williams Burness Saha
15:45 Sorkin Pollicott Bayer Craven Wigman

Titles and abstracts for Workshop talks.

BMC Scientific Committee

The BMC Scientific Committee is an independent entity in support of successive BMCs.  Its papers are available online at  A new Chair is needed to serve a three-year term from 1 June 2014.  Advised by an external search group, the Committee nominates Professor David A. Jordan (Sheffield) for the position.  Any alternative nomination should be made to Dr Ivan Tomasic <> by 26 March 2014.  If necessary an election will be held at the BMC AGM on 9 April.