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BMC 2014

British Mathematical Colloquium 2014
07–10 April 2014, Queen Mary University of London
The BMC is the largest annual Pure Mathematics conference in the UK, and BMC 2014 was its 66th instalment. Slides of talks will be available soon. Filmed talks will take a while to edit, we will make them available as soon as they are approved by the speakers.
Plenary speakers:
Michael Atiyah
Robert Guralnick
Ngô Bảo Châu
Endre Szemerédi
Cédric Villani
Claire Voisin
Don Zagier
Public lecture:
Professor Persi Diaconis gave a public lecture on the life, work and magic of Martin Gardner on the occasion of the centenary of his birth.

Members of public are required to register for free tickets

Morning speakers:
Tim Austin
Christine Bachoc
Alexandre Borovik
Martin Bridson
Toby Gee
Harald Helfgott
Daniela Kühn
Vladimir Markovic
Corinna Ulcigrai
Andrei Yafaev
Workshop organisers:
M. Walters (QMUL)
Ergodic Theory:
O. Jenkinson (QMUL)
B. Noohi (QMUL),
R. Thomas (IC)
Group Theory:
J. N. Bray (QMUL),
N. Nikolov (Oxford)
Number Theory:
S. Zerbes (UCL)
Scientific Advisory Committee:
Peter Cameron (QMUL)
Ben Green (Oxford)
Minhyong Kim (Oxford)
Angus Macintyre (QMUL)
Richard Thomas (Imperial)
The conference is supported by an
LMS Conference Grant. Organised in partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute. Google sponsored PhD student bursaries.
– more details.
Ivan Tomasic
Behrang Noohi

We support the Young Researchers in Mathematics conference via the joint BMC-YRM registration scheme.