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Academic staff

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Name Job title Email Office Extension
Professor D K Arrowsmith Professor of Mathematics d.k.arrowsmith 312 5464
Dr O Bandtlow Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics o.bandtlow 257 5438
Dr A Baule Lecturer in Applied Mathematics/Financial Mathematics a.baule B14 3160
Professor C Beck Professor of Applied Mathematics c.beck 351 3286
Dr S Beheshti Lecturer s.beheshti 503 8510
Dr G Bianconi Lecturer in Applied Mathematics g.bianconi G54 5444
Dr B Bogacka Reader in Statistics b.bogacka 255 5497
Dr J N Bray Lecturer in Pure Mathematics j.n.bray B54 5482
Professor C H Chu Professor of Mathematics c.chu 153 5218
Dr D S Coad Reader in Statistics d.s.coad 352 5484
Dr S del Bano Rollin Senior Lecturer in Financial Mathematics s.delbanorollin B56 5513
Dr D Ellis Lecturer in Pure Mathematics d.ellis 514 5449
Professor M Farber Professor of Pure Mathematics m.farber 456 5451
Dr M Fayers Reader in Pure Mathematics m.fayers 152 5479
Dr A Fink Lecturer in Pure Mathematics a.fink B53 5520
Professor Y Fyodorov Professor in Applied Probability y.fyodorov 452 5452
Professor A Gnedin Professor in Applied Probability a.gnedin 353 5498
Professor I Goldsheid Professor of Probability Theory i.goldsheid 254 5473
Dr R J Harris Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics rosemary.harris 313 5478
Professor B Jackson Professor of Mathematical Sciences b.jackson 253 5476
Professor O M Jenkinson Professor of Mathematics o.m.jenkinson B55 3188
Professor M Jerrum Professor of Mathematics m.jerrum 251 5472
Dr J R Johnson Lecturer in Pure Mathematics r.johnson 154 5480
Dr W Just Reader in Applied Mathematics w.just 315 7834
Professor B A Khoruzhenko Professor of Mathematics, Head of School b.khoruzhenko 116 5495
Dr R Klages Reader in Applied Mathematics, Director of Postgraduate Research Studies r.klages 157 5448
Dr L Lacasa Lecturer in Applied Mathematics l.lacasa 512 7045
Professor V Latora Professor in Applied Mathematics (Complex Systems) v.latora 511 5199
Dr X Li Lecturer in Pure Mathematics B13 5447
Professor M J Luczak Professor of Applied Probability m.luczak 114 5460
Professor S Majid Professor of Mathematics s.majid 317 5450
Dr H Maruri-Aguilar Lecturer in Statistics h.maruri-aguilar 256 5475
Dr R Mueller Lecturer in Pure Mathematics r.mueller B16 5517
Professor T W Mueller Professor of Mathematics t.w.muller 155 5489
Dr B Noohi Reader in Pure Mathematics b.noohi 355 5491
Dr B Parker Teaching Fellow b.parker 354
Dr L Pettit Reader in Statistics l.pettit 314 3285
Dr M Phillips Senior Lecturer in Financial Mathematics michael.phillips G52 5471
Professor T Prellberg Professor of Mathematics, Director of Taught Programmes t.prellberg B51 5490
Dr N Rodosthenous Lecturer Financial Mathematics n.rodosthenous B12 5477
Professor L H Soicher Professor of Mathematics, MSc Maths Admissions Tutor l.h.soicher B52 5463
Dr D Stark Reader in Mathematics and Probability d.s.stark G53 5487
Dr I Tomasic Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics i.tomasic G55 5483
Dr J A Valiente-Kroon Reader in Applied Mathematics j.a.valiente-kroon G56 5493
Professor F Vivaldi Professor of Applied Mathematics f.vivaldi 156 5488
Dr M Walters Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics m.walters 453 5446
Professor R A Wilson Professor of Pure Mathematics r.a.wilson G51 5496
Dr F J Wright Reader in Mathematics, Director of Undergraduate Studies f.j.wright 151 5453